Do Asda Sell Stamps?

Yes, you can buy stamps at Asda!

It is likely you can find them at the Asda cigarette kiosk or at the Asda customer service center. Additionally, you can buy stamps through Asda online, and they will either be delivered to your home or to your local Asda store.

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Buying Stamps from Asda

With Asda, a variety of first-class postage stamps as well as mailing supplies, such as envelopes, packaging rolls, and bubble rolls, will be available. In your local Asda store, you will usually find them near the cigarettes.

In addition to buying stamps in store, you can buy stamps from Asda online. If you purchase stamps online, you can choose between first class stamps and second-class stamps. They are available in bundles of four, six, eight, and twelve.

Do Asda Sell Stamps?
Do Asda Sell Stamps?

Asda stores tend to have cigarettes kiosks at the front of the store or near the entrance. If you want stamps, ask the kiosk employee if they have any. The cost of a 2nd class stamp is 88p, while 1st class stamps are £1.15 each.

You may also order stamps online if your local Asda store does not have stamps in stock. There will be packs of 1st class and 2nd class stamps available online, and you can buy them online. Costing £3.52 for four 1st class stamps, 4 2nd class stamps will cost you £4.60. The postage stamps will arrive at your location in 2-3 days.

Does Asda have a store near where you live? You can find any Asda store anywhere within the UK via their store locator.

What Else Does Asda Sell?

Postage stamps and other postal accessories have been available at Asda for many years now. There is a wide variety of packing and delivery supplies, including postal envelopes, bubbled tubes, and label rolls.

You can choose from either regular postal envelopes, which are 62.5 pence each, or small padded envelopes, which are 20 pence each. If you want more of them, you can also get white envelopes from them in larger bundles. There are 20 or 50 of them in a package.

Additional to their packaging rolls for smaller and larger packets, Asda sells packaging rolls for wrapping your packages before shipment. Bubble rolls, as well as label rolls, are also available at your local Asda.


To conclude, Asda does carry stamps. You can usually find them in the Asda store where the stamps are sold on the kiosk outside the entrance, or inside the store just near the entrance.

Asda have stamps available in stores, but you can also order them online through Asda if you don’t have any near you. Just order stamps from their website and you’re done. Your stamps may arrive at your location within 2-3 business days.

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