Does Amscot Sell Stamps?

Yes, Amscot sells stamps.

Several retail stores are located all throughout the state of Florida which is the headquarters of Amscot.

The main services they offer include check cashing, bill payments, ATM services, postage, notary and fax services, and loan cash advances, along with prepaid access cards, payday loans, and free money offers.

Amscot stores are located around Florida, so if you live where one is, you can purchase your stamps at the store. If you are from Florida, it is possible to purchase stamps at face value, envelopes, and other products for daily use at Amscot’s stores.

Where Can I Find Amscot?

Does Amscot Sell Stamps?
Does Amscot Sell Stamps?

More than 132 Amscot stores exist in the United States, with almost all of them based in Florida. Amscot stores can be found in most Florida cities and towns, such as Miami and Tampa.

Amscot’s headquarters are in Tampa, Florida. You can find the nearest Amscot location in your area by visiting this website.

The U.S. postal service and Amscot have worked closely for many years, so postal services are installed at each Amscot location, making it easier for customers who wish to use postal services.

As equally as important, you’ll find stamps and envelopes at Amscots nationwide. Stamps can be purchased at face value, while envelopes will cost $10 each. The USPS will also sell Priority Mail Envelopes at any Amscot.

What Else Can I Buy at Amscot?

At any physical Amscot store, you will be able to buy stamps. You will be able to ask the cashier if they are selling stamps — that’s how to find them.

There will be no online purchase of Amscot stamps – or purchase of stamps through an app. The company will also be offering USPS priority mail envelopes in all Amscot stores.

Amscot does more than stamps and envelopes. The company also provides community financial services such as loans, savings accounts, and CD’s.

They include check cashing, bill payment, loans, prepaid access cards, free money orders, ATM services, postal service, wire transfers, and notarial and fax services.

More About Amscot

In 1989, Amscot was founded in Tampa, and initially focused on local customers. But soon, it began to expand across Florida.

A Scottish immigrant, Ian MacKechnie, opened it in the United States in 1986. He owned a bakery shop in Tampa before noticing that many of his employees were cashing checks at convenience stores instead of banks.

Amscot was created in 1992 after the Scotsman recognized an opportunity to simplify and streamline the way that financial services were offered to Florida customers. Now Amscot serves over three million customers every year.

The company is also very involved in the community, including the Safety ID Program, which provides free identification to children in case they turn up lost.


This is one of the reasons why Amscot is such a big hit in Florida. As a conclusion, Amscot does sell stamps in stores.


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