Does Hy-Vee Sell Stamps?

Yes, Hy-Vee Sell Stamps..!

Hy-Vee stores are the largest supermarket chains in America’s midwest, carrying almost everything that people might need. With a bakery, frozen foods, and a deli, Hy-Vee offers unique shopping experiences. A health clinic and a health market are located on the premises so your health is always in check.

Among the many things you can find at Hy-Vee is postage stamps. Even though they have a small selection of stamps, they work with the USPS on the wholesale price.

Where Can I Find Hy-Vee?

There are over 245 Hy-Vee locations in the Midwest that are located in West Des Moines, Iowa. There are Hy-Vee supermarkets in Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota, in addition to elsewhere.

Does Hy-Vee Sell Stamps?
Does Hy-Vee Sell Stamps?

The Hy-Vee store locater will let you find the nearest Hy-Vee store just by entering your zip code, state or city into the search box and you’ll be able to see all the locations within 100 miles of you.

You don’t have to be in any of those states to do some quality shopping at Hy-Vee. Just go to their online store and you can buy whatever you want in the USA! It’s not convenient at all.

What Kind of Stamps Does Hy-Vee Sell?

There aren’t many stamp options at Hy-Vee, as we previously mentioned. Hy-vee sells only sheets or rolls of stamps, with as many as 20 stamps under each sheet and up to 100 stamps per roll.

Hy-Vee sells stamps for about the same price as the United States Postal Service, which makes it an awesome place to purchase stamps, given that it’s such an enjoyable shopping experience.

A U.S. postal counter enables you to mail packages and letters as well as get stamps at the store. One thing you should know is that Hy-Vee will take all types of mail and packages except military mail and international deliveries.

If you shop online, you can order stamp sheets and rolls using the website from wherever you are, without having to leave your house. You can find out more about delivery fees and availability by clicking here .

More About Hy-Vee

In 1917, David Vredenburg managed and owned stores called Vredenburg & Lewis for the RLDS Church and for its General Supply Company in Iowa.

As time went by, Charles Hyde joined forces with Vredenburg to form the company Hy-Vee, referring to the first two letters of the Hyde and the first letter of the Vredenburg.

A hundred Hy-Vee stores were opened by 1975. According to a report from Supermarket News, it continued to grow and became one of the top 75 food retailers in North America by 2016. With Hy-Vee’s annual sales revenue of $10 billion by 2018 and 85,000 employees, it’s not surprising they have reached this milestone.


It’s time to stop wasting time and get over to your nearest HyVee store or pay a visit to their online store to find some decently priced good quality stamps, along with an experience that surpasses shopping by offering more than just food items. Happy shopping!

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