Does Jewel Osco Sell Stamps?

Yes, Jewel Osco sells stamps!

A well-established chain of stores in the United States, Jewel-Osco is one of the places you can buy stamps outside your local post office.

Learn how to buy stamps from Jewel-Osco, where to find branches near you, and how to find them on the web.

Where Can I Find Jewel Osco?

More than 180 Jewel-Osco retail stores are located in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa under Jewel-Osco’s banner. The Chicagoland area, as well as the states other states mentioned have Jewel supermarkets, so if you stop by or live in these states, you could come across one as you drive by.

This being said, if you have trouble finding a Jewel-Osco store near your address, try the store locator service available on their website.

Does Jewel Osco Sell Stamps?
Does Jewel Osco Sell Stamps?

There are several search options available, including Zipcode, city, or state. You can also choose which location type to receive the results. The local supermarket or fuel station can be picked, for example.

You can also apply an additional filter to your search that will permit you to only view grocery stores with particular services, including same-day, rush, and more. You can narrow your search for Jewel stores based on a distance range you specify.

What Kind of Stamps Does Jewel Osco Sell?

You can get stamps for mail and postcards from nearly every Jewel-Osco store branch, including stamps that are approved by the United States Postal Service agency (USPS).

Although Jewel supermarkets do not sell individual postage stamps, they offer booklets that contain a handful of postage stamps.

You can ask a cashier for assistance, a member of the customer service staff, or anyone else available for help to purchase stamps at Jewel-Osco. Regular products will not appear on shelves next to these stamp books.

Stamp Prices at Jewel Osco

You should expect a higher price if you can purchase stamps from Jewel-Osco since it is higher than what you would typically have to pay at a more traditional retailer.

On the plus side, Jewel-Osco stores are open for shorter business hours during the week, and longer hours on weekends.

About Jewel Osco

Starting in 1899, a bunch of horse-drawn wagons selling tea and coffee out of the back of door-to-door salesmen sold Jewel products. Jewel-Osco continued to prosper over the years, and in 1960, the acquisition of Osco Drugs led to the launch of the first combined store of the chain.

Now, Jewel-Osco is part of the Albertson Inc. family, operating 187 stores in the Chicagoland, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.


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