Does OfficeMax Sell Stamps?

Of course, OfficeMax sells stamps.

They sell a broad range of products, including stamps. OfficeMax is a leading international chain that sells goods both inside and outside of the U.S.

How to Find an OfficeMax Store?

Although OfficeMax has over 900 stores in 47 states, you can save yourself the effort of looking for your local OfficeMax branch by visiting their website.

Does OfficeMax Sell Stamps?
Does OfficeMax Sell Stamps?

The OfficeMax website offers you the chance to locate the nearest store through its store locator. You can see the store’s days off, hours of operation, and phone numbers, along with a location map.

You can shop online for any of the company’s products. Delivery can take place in 2-6 days. The online store also gives you a money refund as long as you return your products within a 14-day period. However, this does not include shipping charges.


What stamps does OfficeMax sell?

OfficeMax sells stamps, however there is very little variety in the imprints available. OfficeMax sells three types of stamps: business, custom-made, and date and numbering stamps.

There are 20 stamps in a booklet. The stamps are also of different types and prices depending on the design.

Custom-made stamps are more expensive than business and date and numbering stamps. You can get them at a lower price at a local post office. OfficeMax sells stamp pads and inks too, just in case you want an alternative to paper stamps.

Having said that, if you’re looking for single stamps, OfficeMax might not be the best choice out there. The store does not sell them, but you can purchase them at the USPS.

At an OfficeMax store, there is no specific aisle where you can buy stamps. Instead, they’re available at the checkout counter. Therefore, you can take a stroll inside an OfficeMax, then purchase your desired stamps before leaving the store.

Getting to know OfficeMax

The Cleveland-based company was founded in 1988 by Michael Feuer and Robert Hurwitz. The co-founders spent 90 days planning and opening their first store, which was located in Cleveland, Ohio.

The store was a huge success, so much so that the originators opened 13 more stores within a year. The company continued to grow and expand, successfully reaching 30 stores in different states.

The company currently has stores in New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 2013, OfficeMax merged with Office Depot, creating an $18 billion company in the process.

To save time on shopping for stamps, you can visit your local OfficeMax store and purchase stamps without the need to stand in line at a post office. However, you can always order your stamps online instead.

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