Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

Yes! Safeway grocery stores offer books with 20 stamps forever from first class.

If you need a book of 20 stamps, you can easily go to the nearest Safeway, as they are allowed to sell stamps, but not individual ones.

You should check the weight of your letter or package to determine how many stamps you need. However, even if you must achieve more, going to Safeway is a convenient and hassle-free option.

Does Safeway sell postage stamps?

Yes! Safeway grocery stores offer books with 20 stamps forever from first class.

Buying stamps at Safeway has some additional benefits:

  • When purchased in conjunction with a Safeway Membership Card, the price of stamps includes gasoline and grocery discounts.
  • You can use the scale in the produce section of the store to weigh your letter and ensure that it includes enough postage to take you to your destination.

How to Buy Stamps at Safeway?

While you are doing your grocery shopping, you can easily pick up some stamp books for emergencies. Safeway is a leading brand in the USA, where people go to buy food, cleaning products, flowers and more.

Does Safeway Sell Stamps?
Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

The stores are open every day, even on Sundays, when they are open for limited hours. However, you will definitely find a store near your home or office where you can purchase some of your essentials, in addition to the necessary stamps.

Buying stamps is not always on everyone’s home shopping list. However, you will realize how important they are when you desperately need them.

Safeway has made it that much easier, as all you have to do is ask about their eternal stamps at the front desk. These are seals forever, so they don’t expire; you can keep them until you need them to send you an important letter, government form or personal package. When you are finished, you will only pay for them with the rest of your purchases.

How much do stamps on Safeway cost?

The stamps are sold at the same current price set by the USPS. This means that if you are buying a book with 20 eternal stamps, you will pay the same price as you would pay at the post office.

However, many people prefer to get their stamps on Safeway because they will not be making a separate trip to the post office. You can pick up some stamps while doing your weekly shopping and you will not be charged a higher price.

Safeway sells postage stamps at the same price offered at the United States Post Office. First Class Forever stamps (for purchase at Safeway) provide enough postage for a standard 1 ounce letter.

Since Safeway sells its stamps in booklets, you can save money by purchasing a stamp book on Safeway instead of a single stamp elsewhere. For example, the price for a book of 20 First Class Forever stamps is currently $ 9.80 (plus tax). With a value of $ 0.55 per stamp, buying the stamp book (compared to a single stamp) offers a savings of $ 1.20.

Stamps at Online

Safeway online ( does not currently offer US postage stamps for purchase.

How to find the nearest Safeway?

Fortunately for you, Safeway has several stores located in the United States, so you will definitely find one close to your home. Safeway currently has a total of 1335 stores in the US and 195 in Mexico in partnership with Casa Ley. There are 168 branches in Washington and 115 branches in Colorado.

This means that finding a store near you will not be a difficult task. All you need to do is check the website and make sure the store is open. Now, you can get all your dairy, alcoholic beverages, detergents and stamps in one convenient trip that won’t take you long.

In addition, you can even get your stamps online. Safeway offers this service, as stamps can be delivered to your door with the rest of your purchases.

About Safeway

In 1915, Marion Barton Skaggs founded Safeway; an American supermarket chain in American Falls, Idaho. In 2015, it became a subsidiary of Albertsons.

The subsidiary’s headquarters are located in California, as Safeway’s main base of operations is in the central and western states. The network has managed to expand internationally to Canada, Australia, England, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


Anyone can buy stamps on Safeway while shopping from home. The store sells 20-stamp books, so you may want to keep some for an emergency.

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