Does Tom Thumb Sell Stamps?

Yes, Tom Thumb sells stamp.!

The Tom Thumb chain of supermarkets can be found throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and carries items typically seen in supermarkets such as frozen foods, meat, and snacks. They also have an on-site pharmacy.

In terms of market share, Tom Thumb and Albertson’s store together constitute the second-largest supermarket chain in the US. It is right behind Walmart.

The Tom Thumb store is a convenient place where you can get stamps when you are in need of them and your post office doesn’t have them.

Where Can I Find Tom Thumb?

63 Tom Thumb stores exist in the United States, situated in various parts of Texas. Of these, 17 are found in Dallas, the company’s largest city.

Tom Thumb’s website allows you to discover your nearest store by placing your state/province/region into their search bar, and it will tell you the nearest location within a 100-mile radius.

What Kind of Stamps Does Tom Thumb Sell?

You can purchase stamps from Tom Thumb in sets of 2, 8, or booklets of 20 stamps with a wide variety of stamps. Some of these stamps include Forever Stamps, Commemorative Stamps, and Semi-Postal Stamps.

If you need anything else like writing paper, envelopes, and wrapping paper, you can find it wherever you want.

More About Tom Thumb

Founded by J.R. Bost and Robert B. Cullum in 1948, Tom Thumb began when Cullum, a department store owner a short time earlier, purchased Toro Supermarkets. By 1956, the chain had expanded to ten stores .

Based on this success; Bost and Cullum picked up 34 Hinky Dinky stores, 17 Pantry Food Marts, and the health food store Simon David, in 1963. After some deliberation, they’ve decided to acquire Page Drug stores as well.

Does Tom Thumb Sell Stamps?
Does Tom Thumb Sell Stamps?

Being able to run Tom Thumb Pharmacies was possible after purchasing Page Drugs stores.

They had reached half a billion dollars in sales by 1974.

With the $9 billion merger agreement in 2015, Tom Thumb and Albertsons, two Texas grocery companies, become one company.

The company has been operating for 72 years, as of 2020.

The 25,000 items that Tom Thumb has to offer can be found at their online store, which supplies nutritional labels, as well as price information. You can do all of this while being at home.

Tom Thumb also has an annual fund-raising campaign, frequently known as Tom Thumb’s Kindness for Kids, which funds children in need. Consumers choose products to purchase, and a portion of the proceeds goes towards this campaign. Donations may also be made separately.
On Apr 22, 2020, based on the COVID-20 pandemic, Thomas Thumb and partner Albertson’s will contribute an additional $50 million to their hunger relief campaign.

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