Does Vons Sell Stamps?

Yes, you can buy postage stamps at Vons stores.

Most major supermarkets sell them today. If you are in the United States and cannot access the post office, it will be very easy to get stamps.

Vons is a supermarket chain that sells all types of food, such as bakery, dairy, frozen food, meat, and pharmaceuticals. It offers several stamp options at its counters and help desks.

Where can I find Vons Store?

There are 198 Vons branches in the United States. However, they are only found in California and Nevada.

With 189 stores, California alone has over 95% of total stores! Nevada comes in second with 9 locations.

Does Vons Sell Stamps?
Does Vons Sell Stamps?

San Diego is the city with the most stores; there are 23 stores in it. Los Angeles is just behind with 9 locations. In addition, Las Vegas has 6 stores and Ventura has 5 stores. The three of Escondido, Long Beach and Carlsbad have 4 stores each.

You can use the Vons store locator to find the store closest to your location. You will need to enter your city, state and it will provide nearby locations within a 160 km radius. You can also use the Vons website to guide you to nearby stores.

Lucky for you, Vons also offers delivery for your online purchases, in case you can’t make it to the store for whatever reason. However, sometimes stamps are not available online; you will need to call customer service to add them to the order.

What types of stamps does Vons sell?

Vons stores sell stamps on 20 sheets and books; sets of 2 or 8 stamps are also available.

You will receive them at the same price as the US Post. However, you will not find individual stamps. They are available at the offices of the USPS, FedEx, Bank of America, and US Bank.

Stamps are usually on the counter. You will only have to apply for registration for them. You can also ask for help when you leave. Other display materials, such as stationery and envelopes, are also available from Vons.

Learn more about Vons

Vons is a supermarket chain currently owned by Albertsons. He is based in Southern California and Southern Nevada. Previously, it was owned by Safeway. Its headquarters are in Fullerton, California.

The store was founded in 1906. The founder was a Danish-American businessman named Charles Von der Ahe. By 1928, the number quickly grew to 87 stores, after being sold to MacMarr stores.

Twenty years later, Vons opened its first delicatessen market; offered prepackaged products. Ten years later, in 1958, Vons stores doubled their number, making it the third largest supermarket chain in Los Angeles.

Vons operated as a subsidiary of Safeway until the merger between Albertsons and Safeway took place. He has since worked with Albertsons.

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