Does Weis Sell Stamps?

Yes, Weis does sell stamps.

You’ll find various kinds of stamps at Weis. At the cashier’s desks and Customer Service desks, you will find them.

Buying Postage Stamps from Weis

This supermarket chain has more than just groceries and fresh produce. It also offers retail pharmacies, delis, bakeries, floral shops and stamps at its front desk and cashiers.

You’ll also find they have holiday, commemorative, military, and Forever postage stamps. This is why it’s a great place to buy your stamps.

Several other large one-stop shops don’t offer the same variety and stock of stamps. This kind of defeats the entire point of being a one-stop shop.

The downside of purchasing stamps from Weis? The stamps are only available as booklets of twenty stamps. This makes it inconvenient to buy some stamps on a whim.

Stamp Price at Weis

Does Weis Sell Stamps?
Does Weis Sell Stamps?

Although its postage stamps are sold anywhere in the US, you may find them costing more at Weis Markets than they would at the post office. However, it is not that large of a price difference. It truly is a small cost for convenience.

In addition, you might wish to know that Weis doesn’t offer any discount on postage stamps.

For every dollar you spend at Weis, you earn 1 point. Unfortunately, postage stamps are not included in this reward program.

Check Availability

Although Weis Market advertises that they carry postage stamps, they may not be available in all of their stores.

The customer service can help you find out if they have any available merchandise before you go.

Find the Nearest Weis Market

Using the Weis Markets store locator, you can find out where the nearest branch is if you’re looking to buy stamps from Weis Markets.

About Weis

A company called Weis Markets was established in Sunbury, Pennsylvania in 1912 by brothers Harry and Sigmund Weis. Initially, the company was called Weis Pure Foods.

More than five states now have Weis Markets franchises. This includes New York, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland. It’s considered one of the most profitable supermarkets on the eastern shore of the United States.

Currently, the company is run by Harry’s grandson, Jonathan.


It’s becoming increasingly important that stores provide as many items under one roof as they can in our hectic, busy lives.

At Weis Markets you’ll find everything you need! This is very important when you’re wondering, “does Weis sell stamps?””

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