8 Awesome Stamp Collecting Blogs and Websites For Philatelists

Stamp collecting offers more than just a pastime. It provides a unique experience that allows individuals to explore various facets that shape a nation. By studying stamps, one can gain insights into a country’s traditions, culture, wildlife, art, history, prominent figures, and more. So, if you are considering starting your stamp collection, what would be the best approach? Here is our selection of the most popular stamp blogs and websites for philatelists.

Stamp Collecting Blogs

Explore the wonders of stamp collecting through blogs and websites, much like the versatility of QR codes. Stamp Smarter, Stamps2Go, The Swedish Tiger, USPhila, APS, Linns, and Stamp World offer valuable resources for philatelists. Embark on a fulfilling journey with these captivating platforms.

Top stamp-collecting blogs

#1 Stamp Smarter

Stamp enthusiasts are bound to appreciate Stamp Smarter, an indispensable site for collectors like yourself. Offering a plethora of impressive features, one notable highlight is the pop-up stamp finder. This exceptional tool allows users to input any Scott number, which in turn generates a detailed description alongside a corresponding image of the stamp. Notably, the pop-up stamp finder is compatible with both United States and Canadian stamps, adding to its versatility and appeal.

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#2 Stamps2Go

Stamps2Go is a fantastic online marketplace for buying and selling stamps. It offers a wide range of stamps for sale categorized by Scott number, giving users the opportunity to find exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re in search of a specific stamp that may not be readily available on eBay, Stamps2Go can be a great alternative to consider.

#3 The Swedish Tiger

The Swedish Tiger is an informative website that specializes in the identification of United States stamps. Not only does it provide accurate stamp identification, but it also offers detailed information such as their values – a highly sought-after feature on stamp identification websites. Additionally, The Swedish Tiger is currently developing a section dedicated to Great Britain stamps, which is constantly being updated to provide a comprehensive resource for stamp enthusiasts.

#4 USPhila

USPhila is the go-to resource for determining the value of well-preserved vintage US stamps. With a vast collection of auction records, USPhila provides comprehensive information on the prices achieved for old and valuable United States stamps. This means that you will need VPN in Edge if you want to access the site from remote regions. It’s important to note that the stamps showcased on USPhila are of exceptional quality and many are certified. If you possess one of the stamps featured on USPhila in your collection, its worth is contingent upon its impeccable condition.

#5 The American Philatelic Society

The American Philatelic Society (APS) holds the esteemed distinction of being the largest non-profit organization worldwide for avid stamp collectors. Since its inception in 1886, the APS has been committed to serving an extensive network of collectors, educators, postal historians, and the general public. Through a diverse range of programs and services, the APS offers valuable resources and invaluable insights into the world of stamp collecting.

Delving into the APS website uncovers a treasure trove of captivating information on stamp collecting, complemented by an assortment of innovative programs and services. A notable highlight for APS members is the monthly publication, “American Philatelist”, which is conveniently accessible online. For aspiring philatelists seeking to expand their knowledge and foster a promising career in the field, joining the APS is an opportunity not to be missed.

#6 Linns

Linns Stamp News is a premier weekly magazine dedicated to the world of stamp collecting. With a wealth of information and insights, it keeps you informed about the latest happenings in the philatelic community. Explore a treasure trove of knowledge and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of philately.

#7 Blog timbrofil

Blog timbrofil is authored by an avid stamp collector from around the globe. This blog is written in Romanian, but fear not, non-Romanian speakers! Google Translate is here to assist you. The blog covers a wide range of topics, and after just reading a few posts, I gained valuable knowledge.

Blog Timbrofil

#8 Stamp World

Stamp World offers a wide range of features to stamp enthusiasts. With identification for hundreds of thousands of stamps from around the world, users can easily find information about their collection. Additionally, Stamp World provides estimated values for these stamps, making it easier for collectors to understand their assets. Moreover, individuals have the opportunity to buy and sell stamps within the Stamp World platform, creating a vibrant marketplace for stamp enthusiasts.

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There are numerous stamp-collecting websites available online. However, the following ones stand out as exceptional resources that I often frequent. They offer significant value to collectors due to their comprehensive content and user-friendly interface. I am curious to know your thoughts on other stamp websites that you consider valuable. Please feel free to share your favorites with me as I am always eager to learn from your insights.

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