Does 711 Sell Stamps?

Yes, 7-Eleven does sell stamps, but not all the time.

If you want to send an email receipt or a job application, it’s always a good idea to have stamps ready. In a perfect world, you would have all of your stamps, envelopes, and writing accessories available before you even think about sending a letter.

If you need to buy stamps, you definitely want to get them from the store nearest to you. So, you might ask yourself, “Does 711 sell stamps?” After all, 7-Eleven seems to be on every corner in some cities. You can stop there regularly for coffee or snacks. If you’re already there, it would be great to save a trip to the post office by putting your stamps there.

Does the 711 sell stamps?

The short answer to this question is yes. Most 7-Eleven stores sell stamps. If you’re going to be at 7-Eleven anyway, you can ask them if they have any stamps for sale. Chances are, yes. However, there is still some variation in the availability of stamps at stores like 7-Eleven. In other words, while the store probably has stamps, they may not. Individual stores may vary. For example, they may sell and not immediately restock. So if you need to make a special trip to the local 7-Eleven to get stamps, call ahead to confirm availability.

What stamps does the 7-Eleven sell?

If you go to the local post office to buy stamps, you will have a wide variety of different options. You can buy stamps at the post office in many different denominations. Plus, you can choose from many different design styles and images for your stamps. If you go to 7-Eleven to buy your stamps, you won’t have much choice. However, if you only need to send a few basic letters, 7-Eleven should have what you need.

Does 711 Sell Stamps?
Does 711 Sell Stamps?

Most of the 711 stores sell two types of stamps. They will sell Forever stamps. They will also be selling first class stamps. Forever stamps are used to send first class letters. However, they never expire. The regular first-class seals retain their name. For example, when it costs $ 0.49 to send a first class letter, the first class stamp was worth $ 0.49. The Forever Seal can also be used to send this letter. However, now that the fee has increased to $ 0.52 for a first class letter, you will need to purchase an additional three cents on the stamps to supplement the regular first class stamp. However, you can still use the Forever stamp as is. Therefore, if you don’t send emails often, it is a good idea to get Forever stamps instead of First Class stamps, even if their current value is exactly the same.

Most 7-Eleven stores only sell stamp books. Therefore, you need to buy 20 stamps at a time when you buy stamps from 7-Eleven. That said, some individual stores do sell individual stamps on request. So if you only need one or two stamps, it’s worth considering whether you can buy them individually, rather than in booklets.

Do all 7-Eleven stores sell stamps?

7-Eleven stores are slightly different from each other. Some of them sell first class stamps and stamps forever.

You can buy them in bulk as they come in booklets with multiple stamps. Buying this booklet is very convenient, because you know you will always have stamps on hand whenever you need to send a letter.

The bad news is that some stores do not offer this service. They cannot sell stamps or they may have been without them.

You should check with your nearest store to make sure the stamps are available.

7-Eleven stamps can be purchased in bulk or individually (read our article on how many stamps I need if you’re not sure how many stamps to get).

  • Individual stamps are generally easier to obtain and each costs around $ 0.55.
  • Spools or rolls contain less than 100 seals.

Forever stamps are usually sold individually to cover all of your lettering needs. They are used for first class emails. You may need to purchase multiple First Class stamps to send a letter to the United States.

How to find a 7-Eleven Store near you?

If you already frequent 7-Eleven regularly, you can simply stop by the local store and ask if they sell stamps. If they don’t, they can probably tell you where the next closest store will be. However, if they can’t tell you (or if you don’t already have a specific 7-Eleven location in mind), you might want to do your research online first.

Of course, you can use your favorite GPS tool to locate the 7-Eleven nearest to you. Then you can try your luck or call ahead to find out if they have any stamps for sale. Another great way to find the nearest 7-Eleven to you is to use the store’s online store finder. You can access each store’s individual web page, which also lists the three stores closest to that location. That way, if the first one you call isn’t selling stamps, you can easily see what other places can help.

Interestingly, using the USPS store locator to find 7-Eleven stores that sell stamps doesn’t seem to work. Typically, you can use this tool in conjunction with the “Other place to buy stamps” filter to find all stores that sell stamps in a particular area. However, I looked at several different places and none brought 7-Eleven selling stamps. I called 7-Eleven stores in these areas; some (but not all) have sold stamps. Therefore, you need to use the 7-Eleven store locator and call ahead to make sure they are selling stamps.

Why buy from 7-Eleven?

If 7-Eleven doesn’t carry all kinds of stamps, is it still a good place to shop for your writing needs? Yeah.

7-Eleven stores are available in several locations, you will likely find one near you. They are also open all week, so you can easily find the stamps you need on Saturday or Sunday.

7-Eleven is a Japanese-American company that currently operates in 18 countries with more than 56,000 stores.

They can reach your customers wherever they are, so you can call them if you’re looking for stamps.


7-Eleven is a great place to buy food and drink. You can also buy stamps to send your letters on time.

However, you should check with your local 7-Eleven to make sure they sell stamps before you visit the store.

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